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Frequently Asked Questions

What utilities are included?
Water, Sewer and Garbage are all included in the price of rent. This saves you at least $80 a month.

What utilities are not included?
Electric, TV, Phone, Internet

How much is the average electric bill?
You can call Avista, 1.800.227.9187, identify yourself as a prospective tenant and ask for the average consumption for an address. Depending on use your bill may be more or less than the previous tenant.

What if there I have more garbage than can fit in the can?
Each unit gets their own garbage can. If the can is overflowing PDS charges me an overage fee that will be transfered to the tenant. To aviod this pre-paid bags are availbe to be purchased directly from Pullman Disposal Services. For more information please contact PDS: 509.334.1914

When is rent due?
Rent is due the first day of every month.

How much is due at lease signing?
When you sign a lease the deposit and last months rent is due. First months rent is due on the lease start date. Deposits can vary by unit, check each listing.

What are your hours?
We do not have any hours. Want to schedule a look at an apartment after 5:00 PM? That's fine. On a Saturday? Sure.

Do you allow pets?
No, we do not allow pets in any of our units.

Do you allow smokers?
No, smoking is not allowed inside any of our units.

Do you accept Section 8 / HUD housing assistance?

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